Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Dreams

At the age of 6, I promised God my life. The whole thing. No reservations. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

Some of you already know what happened next. Life did not feel like an adventure. In fact, life hurt. A lot.

Somewhere along the way, this little girl stopped believing in big things. I still believed in a big God, but I didn't believe in big dreams.

Not anymore.

Then something changed.

When I turned 17, I met a journalist. She told me I could write. I didn't believe her, but writing gave me something to do on nights when I couldn't sleep. Nights when the pain was so great I wanted to die.

That journalist introduced me to an author. That author introduced me to an agent. That agent is in the process of introducing my writing to publishers.

This was not my original dream.

If you had told that 6-year-old girl that she would be a writer, she would have frowned. She would have told you she was going to live in Romania with the gypsies. She would have told you she was going to do exciting things.

I mean... who wants to sit behind a desk all day?

I hate it when people say they know why God allows difficult things into our lives. I don't know why I spent the better part of 11 years in bed. But I do know there were pretty much 2 things I could do there: sleep, and write.

And I did a lot of sleeping. And a lot of writing poetry. Mostly death poetry.

Who knew one day I'd write humor?

'Cause after all, who wouldn't need a sense of humor to see how crazy it is that this Romanian Gypsy at heart is now working with the wildest bunch of teens there ever was?

Maybe this dream wasn't so far-fetched after all.
Question for 2Day:

What are your big dreams?
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Rusty said...

Great post, BJ. Keep dreaming big

K.M. Weiland said...

Througout my childhood and most of my teen years, my dream was to train horses. It was what I thought I wanted; it was what I strove to be every minute of my day. But somehow it was never quite satisfying. Something else kept pulling at me. Despite my desire that it be otherwise, it was at my keyboard, not in the saddle, that I found my fulfillment. So finally, around about the time I turned seventeen (must be the magic age!), I finally gave it to the Lord's tugging at my heart, sold the horses, and settled down to be a writer. It's been the best decision I ever made!

Debbie said...

My big dream is the New York Times Best Selling list. I'd prefer to be in fiction but I could deal with being a nonfiction best-seller. ;)


Elaina M. Avalos said...

Honestly? I'm not sure I am ready to dream big again. But I'm working on it.

Thanks for the post. Especially this: I hate it when people say they know why God allows difficult things into our lives. I don't know why I spent the better part of 11 years in bed. But I do know there were pretty much 2 things I could do there: sleep, and write.

I don't know why either. But I've decided to stop asking why. From there I'm hoping I'll have the ability to dream big again. :)

Holly B. said...

So cool to see how God is using you(I always knew you were a gypsy at heart)!

BJ Hamrick said...

Thanks, Rusty! :) I'm so glad you're still stopping by.

KM - You're right -- 17 must be the magic age! You go, girl. There's nothing more fulfilling than doing what God made you to do!

Elaina - I can't wait to see what kind of big dreams God puts in your heart!

Holly - I'm totally a gypsy at heart. How are you doing?? I haven't talked to you in forever!

BJ Hamrick said...

Debbie - I just found your comment! So sorry I missed it. That's an awesome dream, and I totally expect to see you there. Keep writing!

banderclip said...

I don't have lots of huge dreams or anything, but I do dream about running a half marathon. The furthest I've ever gone is 2.4 it would take a lot for me to accomplish a half marathon.

BJ Hamrick said...

Go for it, Christy! You can do it :) said...

Thank you for your encouraging posts! I think it's awesome how God gives dreams like yours and yet often teaches us to let Him redraw our roadmaps and find joy in leaving our hands open to His guidance and re-direction.

I was able to sort-of combine two dreams so far: to write a book and to look for a wife: the book is available to read online at

Godspeed to the dreams He has given us for His glory!

In Christ,


E.M. Phillips said...

Hmmn. My Big Dream is to write books. Specifically, books of letters. I have one anthology out already (co-authored letters between a hippo and a unicorn), but I'm ready to write alone. I think. So it was inspiring reading your post, BJ (stumbled upon your site quite serendipitously!) and I hear God's gentle whisper: "I am the Giver of these Big Dreams. Give them to Me and I'll make all things My time." I also have an accountability partner--less gentle in her butt-kicking ways! But I'm writing, at last. And still dreaming. To all BJ's blog-readers: you can do it!

I know all about waiting--for the right guy, for high school to end, for my boobs to come in (two out of three ain't bad).

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