Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Question of the Week: Sponsored by my Tonsils

****This post is brought to you by my rotting tonsils, who would like to ask your support against their upcoming visit with the Ear Nose Throat Specialist.

To pledge your support, simply sign your name, your neighbor's name, and all fictional names you can think of to the petition at the end of this post.****

Question of the week: Do you get grumpy when you're sick? (Do you preferred to be babied, or would you rather be left alone?)


The Petition:

We, the people, believe that B.J. should keep her tonsils.

We believe that tonsils are important -- even if they are rotting.

We believe that chronic tonsillitis is just an excuse for surgeons to take money from otherwise healthy people.

We believe that B.J. married a strep-carrier, but that her tonsils deserve to live (it's not their fault!).

Signatures Here:

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