Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's Post: Sponsored by Boxers & T-Shirt

****This post is brought to you by my husband'sboxers, which I was wearing when... (continued below)****

Morning is my workout time.

Since I'm superficial, I decided that instead of spending $$ on workout clothes no one would ever see -- I would spend $$ on a new dress and wear my husband's old boxers and t-shirt when I was exercising.

Then it happened. Yesterday I was lying on the couch exercising when the doorbell rang.

I looked out the window and, what was there? A big brown truck. My friend, Mr. U.P.S., was there to drop off a box.

What could it be? I wondered.

My heart pounded with excitement I ran down the hall and flung open the door.

"Good morning," I said, as I caught a glimpse of the U.P.S. man's horrified face.


Let's just say Mr. U.P.S. was not impressed. I'm pretty sure he snickered as I signed the clipboard.

In the long run, my public humiliation was worth it because the box held our magical -- our magical -- dare I even say it?

Feel free to take a guess what was in the box.

But also feel free to ignore this question, since you didn't bother to vote on behalf of my tonsils.

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