Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Defense of My Pajamas

Written as a counter-opinion during writers group after someone bashed the wearing of pajamas to Wal-Mart...

It's no secret that I spent most of my teenage years fighting chronic illness. The reason everyone knows this is because I never stop whining about it.  But as anyone who has experienced illness knows, there are some positive things about it, one of which is the fact that... well... I'm sure there's something.

Oh. Prioritizing. That's it.

When you only have enough energy to do say, four things during one day, you realize you have to pick and choose. This is what prompted my brother to come home from school one day, glare at my homeschooling self, and declare to my pajama-clad body, " I see you are wearing your school uniform."

It's been ten years since that day and seven years since I've been mostly healthy. But I still slip into that pajama-clad mindset every now and then. I do find my attire on those days produces judgmental stares from people in Wal-mart (i.e. my mother) who think I'm just slacking, but the truth is, I really do work best in soft cotton pants with monkeys on them.

It took my husband a while to get used to this mentality, but now when he comes home and I'm still in my pajamas, he knows it's been a great day. The house is spotless, the baby is bathed, fed, and diapered (which is more than I can say for myself), and I've written three chapters for the book.

Really... just think what everyone could do if they just saved time and wore their school uniforms.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I love the new look! It's adorbs!! As for PJs, I'm with you. I lived in my sweat pants when I was a teenager. So comfortable. :)

Bekah Hamrick Martin said...

Thanks Debra! I'm loving finally having time to update the look. Have to keep up with your amazingness!

I know all about waiting--for the right guy, for high school to end, for my boobs to come in (two out of three ain't bad).

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