Monday, August 3, 2009

Biscuit Holes?

As I was passing Hardee's the other day, I saw a sign for biscuit holes.

Are you kidding me?

Where is the hole in the biscuit?

If they try to give me a bacon egg and cheese biscuit with a hole in it, they're going to be in trouble.

Despite my sarcasm, I'm ready to try a biscuit hole...

Question for 2Day:

Will you be eating Hardee's Biscuit Holes?


Debra said...

I've always wondered about holes in my food. I mean, seriously what skinny jerk decided to take away the middle of my donut? ;)


BJ Hamrick said...

LOL - I agree, Debbie! How dare those jerks do that to us??

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Well...we don't have Hardee's in Cali. But Carl's Jr. here is basically the same thing except I'm pretty sure they don't have biscuits with or without holes. So therefore, I will not be eating biscuit holes or biscuits without holes.

As a side note, I now miss NC even more because I ate at Hardee's & Bojangles when I lived there. I miss it so. NC. Not Bojangles/Hardee's. Although I could go for a Cheddar Bo biscuit right about now. As long as it doesn't have a hole in it. Haha!

BJ Hamrick said...

Elaina - What? No Hardee's? Most of all -- no Bojangles? Who moves to a place where there are no Bojangles? Their seasoned fries are the best. I think I will plan the rest of my moves around whether or not the state has a Bojangles. ;)

Elaina M. Avalos said...

I love their fries. And their biscuits. And maybe their sweet tea. Ha. I think I'm moving back to NC in Jan. Or late Dec. So I shall get my fries/biscuits/sweet tea.

I don't think Bojangles is anywhere but NC & parts of VA by the way. Severely limits your options. :)

I know all about waiting--for the right guy, for high school to end, for my boobs to come in (two out of three ain't bad).

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