Monday, May 18, 2009


Family has been running me ragged. First of all, there are these 2 ladies:

Happy mother's day, mom. From your 2 favorites.

Except your son...also known as my brother, who just taught me how to play Guitar Hero (yes, I know I'm slow) after he broke his leg in 2 places. I don't have a photo of his jobless self at the moment, but I do have a picture of his leg:

(If you have Sympathy $$ for him, feel free to send the card to me. I'll take care of it.) These people brought me up well:

Then there is this crazy side of the fam:

Congrats to my sis, who is (if the picture doesn't clue you in) "preggo"
And congrats to my bro, who just graduated from high school and will no doubt do huge things.

Today's Question: What's up with you and your family?

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I know all about waiting--for the right guy, for high school to end, for my boobs to come in (two out of three ain't bad).

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