Monday, May 4, 2009

Finding Middle C

This is the first year I've taken teaching music seriously.

Wait a second -- that sounded bad.

What I'm trying to say is, this is the first year I've treated teaching music like a business rather than just a ministry. With a grand total of 9 students, I knew there was no way around it: I had to make every last one of them miserable.

What better way than to hold a recital?

And so it happened, on a quiet night last week, that a group of students ages 5 to 45 took the nursing home by storm.

And they rocked that place to the ground.

The old folks loved it. I loved it. The students loved it. (So much for making them miserable.)

Only one of my students got stage fright. The sweet little guy walked up to me before he played and whispered, "But how will I know where Middle C is?"

You couldn't blame him. It was overwhelming. There were 50 faces staring at him expectantly. Suddenly, something that once felt so familiar was now completely lost.

When I thought about the situation later, I realized I am that little guy. I am overwhelmed. I am confused.

I've been asking God about something for a while, and He hasn't answered yet. And it hurts. It hurts enough that I feel lost. And confused.

Dear God,
I prayed earlier today, I can't find Middle C.

I don't know you. But I do know we all have times when we can't find Middle C. When everything familiar feels upside down and dizzying.

I thank God for my husband, who holds me when I can't find my way. I thank God for Jesus, who holds me even when I push Him away. And I thank God for you...

Because together, we will find Middle C.

It's right there. If we will only ask Him.

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Fantastic, thank you!

I know all about waiting--for the right guy, for high school to end, for my boobs to come in (two out of three ain't bad).

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