Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parting the Waters

I still remember that day in 2007, when I flew half-way across the United States. When I landed in a room full of hundreds of writers, I was jet lagged -- confused -- overwhelmed -- and wondering how I got there. (OK, that just described every day of my life.)

"B.J.!" someone shouted.

I didn't know anyone at this conference. Why -- in a room of 400 strangers -- was someone calling my name?

"Sit with us," the voice said.

I was pretty sure I was delusional, but I followed the voice.

The voice belonged to Jeanne Damoff, a cute blond from Texas. She'd read some of my articles online, and evidently felt sorry for my jet lagged, confused, overwhelmed face. We chatted about it, and she offered some help for how to survive the conference.

Later when we bumped into each other again (OK -- I stalked her), she offered some tips on which agents to approach. I signed a contact with her agent the next week... but that's beside the point. The point actually is that I have yet to earn a serious amount of Jeanne's points.

See, Jeanne has this point system for people who make her laugh. She awards these points based on how funny she thinks you actually are. And believe me, Jeanne knows funny -- because she is one funny lady.

But there's so much more to Jeanne than her amazing sense of humor. Beneath that sense of humor is someone who understands brokenness. Someone who knows what it is like to tread the deep waters -- and come out grasping the hand of Jesus.

That's why I'm so excited about her book, Parting the Waters: Finding Beauty in Brokenness.

Friday we'll talk about it. And I'll award points, based on the amount of tissues I needed to read the book.

Trust me -- it's going to be an amazing score.

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